Cemetery Spaces For Sale - Limited Time Offer!


Dear fellow parishioners:

There has been much interest recently about cemetery spaces that are available for sale. The offers made by Forsyth Memorial Park/Dignity Memorial (FMP) that were presented at the last General Assembly unfortunately have expired.

Currently, our Annunciation Church owns 12 spaces in Section 19, enough for six couples. Each space is for one individual and includes both the space and opening and closing services (digging and refilling the grave.) The Church’s price for parishioners is $4400 per space. For anyone who purchases these spaces, FMP has agreed to allow you to transfer your spaces to the new area at the top of the hill of Section 20, where the current maintenance area is located. According to FMP, this new area is scheduled to open within the next 12-18 months. These church-owned spaces can only be purchased directly from the church. FMP also has offered the transfer of spaces to this new area for anyone who had previously purchased spaces in this section but has not interred any family member. There will be no additional cost to these owners who wish to transfer to the new area.

In addition to church-owned spaces, FMP has agreed to pre-sell five spaces in Section 19, beside the ones that the church owns, and 28 spaces several rows below the hedged area in Section 20 to our parishioners. The price for each space will be $4795, the open and close will be $1095, and the vault will be $1780. You can purchase just the space or any combination of product and service with the space, with the exception being if you have an immediate burial need. These spaces also can be transferred to the new area at the top of Section 20 at no additional charge, as long as no space has been used by the family. This new offer will be available through April 15, 2024.

For purposes of comparison only, church-owned spaces, which include an open and close service, are available at $4,400 each and the presell spaces offered by FMP with the open and close service will be $5,890 each. If you were to pay FMP’s full retail price, walking in off the street without our church’s discounts, a space and an open and close would cost you $8,290 per space. All presell transactions will be handled by FMP. In addition, they are offering any family a free open and close, valued at $1095 per space, if you agree to preneed funeral services from FMP/Dignity Memorial. If you choose to purchase any of these spaces and/or products and services, you will pay directly through FMP, and not the church.

For those who are interested, we recommend you take advantage of the spaces owned by the church while they still are available, especially since those are transferable to the new area and represent a $1500 savings per space in comparison to the presell spaces available from FMP.

To inquire about church-owned spaces send an email to office@wsgoc.org or call the Church office at 336-765-7145. To inquire about the presell spaces, services and products available from FMP, please contact Rheta Monroe or Chloe Mylet at 336-924-2865. 

For those parishioners who currently own spaces but have not purchased the open and close service or a vault, you may purchase either one, at the discounted prices offered above, through April 15, 2024. If you are interested in this offer, please contact Forsyth Memorial Park as indicated above.

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