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Sunday Assignments

Sunday Assignments

March 5th:  Sunday of orthodoxy

USHERS Team D:  Harry Plagianis, Paul Spanos, Dr. Steve Hodges, Mike Olympio

CHURCH SERVICES COMMITTEE Team 1:  Tom Giannopoulos, Presv. Stacy Shepherd, Allan Hild, Michael Six

READER:   Anthony Whitley

MAIDENS FOR CHRIST TEAM 7:  Evangelia Kazakos, Lyndsay Lambis, Ella Grace Moye, Haroula Aslanidis, Victoria Clark

ALTAR BOYS MINISTRY  Team 5:  Harilaos Satterfield - Leader, Haralambos Satterfield – Leader, Christos Katsoudas, Athan Kanellos, Konstantinos Ballas, Chrysovalantis Hull, Alexander Warren, Demetri Paloumbas, William Leonard, Konstantinos Kazakos, Stylianos Karagiannis

NURSERY ASSIGNMENTS: Corrie Ebert and Tonya Blevins

march 12th:  Sunday of st. Gregory palamas

USHERS Team A:  Dino Cortesis, Kosta Hodges, Thomas Tsiaras, Chris Lohr

CHURCH SERVICES COMMITTEE Team 2:  Gus Kroustalis, Litsa Liontis, Tony Franzese, Faye Ballas

READER:  Will Moye

MAIDENS FOR CHRIST Team 8:  Dina Karageorgos, Athanasia Ballas, Katherine Ballas, Samantha Deanne Ballas, Paraskevi Casper 

ALTAR BOYS MINISTRY Team 6:   Niko Vlahos – Leader, William Pierce – Leader, Panteleimon Leontaritis, Nicholas Kontos, Richard Knight, Andreas A. Kazakos, John T. Kazakos,  Maximus T. Kazakos, Leonidas Karabelas, Thanasi Karabelas, Vasili Karabelas

NURSERY ASSIGNMENTS:  Emily Rogatsios and Nicole Michael

march 19th:  Sunday of the holy cross

USHERS Team B:  Teddy J. Tsiolkas, Mike Olympio, George Petropoulos, Kiki Gonzales

CHURCH SERVICES COMMITTEE Team 3:  Renee Kortesis, Chris Nichols, Mike Kangelaris, Zack Williams

READER:  Chris Lohr

MAIDENS FOR CHRIST Team 9:  Theodora Michelle Burdette, Justina Carol Burdette, Christiana Ferentinos, Mary Katherine Chamis, Jaquelyn Vasilios Xenakis

ALTAR BOYS MINISTRY Team 1:  Nektarios Vgenopoulos – Leader, Evangelos Paparoupas, Panagiotis Lambis, Konstantinos Lambis, Anastasios Kazakos, Pavlos S. Strates, Nathaniel Burdette, Alexander Burns, Alexander Kroustalis, Lucas Casper, Nicholas Casper

NURSERY ASSIGNMENTS:  Kathy Koutsoupias and Kelly Bobotsiares

march 26th:  Sunday of st. john climacus

USHERS Team C:  Spiro Strates, Sammy Gianopoulos, Lisa Siokis, Kosta Hodges

CHURCH SERVICES COMMITTEE Team 4:  Helen Uhl, George Kortesis, Tony Vlasis, Apostolis Tsigas

READER: John Washinsky

MAIDENS FOR CHRIST Team 10:  Victoria Simos, Leah Sophia Papakostas, Alyssa Nicole Papakostas, Christina Maria Paloumbas, Sophie Tsolis

ALTAR BOYS MINISTRY Team 2:  Evangelos Kortesis – Leader, John Spinosa, John Nolan, Mario Strates, Stavro Bobotsiares, Lucas Thomas, Conner Webb, Robert Blevins, Vincent Capparelli, Harrison Caparelli, Christian Burns, Michael Faughnan, Jaxson Faughnan

NURSERY ASSIGNMENTS:  Miranda Diakos and Zoe Nixon

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As in years past, our Annunciation Church is pleased to offer Educational Scholarships. 

Scholarships will be offered for the 2023-2024 School Year through funds provided by

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Foundation.


Applications are available and can be found in a folder on the
desk in the breezeway that holds the Kiosk

Please return applications to the church office by the April 9th DEADLINE.
Mark your envelope "Attention Scholarship Committee - CONFIDENTIAL" 


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