Additional Information Regarding Holy Week

Our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, always rejoice in the Lord!

Regarding Holy Saturday Morning:
As it is well-known, all the Holy Week Services are very special. On each day, we commemorate and celebrate a different and a very unique event from the earthly ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. On Holy and Great Saturday, we celebrate the Burial of the Divine Body of the Lord, and His descent, through His Divine Soul, into Hades. Jesus Christ voluntarily descended into Hades in order to destroy the power of the Devil, death, and Hades. He broke and destroyed the gates, along with the entire Kingdom of Hades, and He released the souls of all faithful who believed in Him as the only God and Savior.

To commemorate this joyful occasion, and to demonstrate that sound of the destruction of Hades' Kingdom, I encourage you to bring a metal pot or pan, along with a metal spoon! We will use them during the Service.

Please make an effort to attend the Holy Saturday morning Service by 9:15am the latest.

Also, attached below are services not included in the Holy Week service book sold in the Narthex for $25 each.
Lamentations sung during Holy Friday 6:30 Service:

Lastly, we invite you to continue joining us in prayer as we journey through Holy Week. You can find the schedule of services online at

Kali Anastasi!

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