In order to better understand “Mother's Day” and what it really means, we need first to understand the unique person in our life called “mother”. Mother is one who, in cooperation with God’s Grace, prayerfully nurtures us in her womb for nine months and brings us forth to enjoy the ultimate God-given blessing on earth, i.e. life. Mother is one who guides us through our infancy and continually tries, with the Grace of God, to do her best for offering us the important for our salvation Orthodox Christian upbringing. She is protecting us and helping us. She is serving us sacrificially and silently, always with a smile on her face. She feels so blessed to watch us grow and always provides us a shoulder to lean on whenever we need it.

At the same time, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, it is very beneficial for ALL always to remember our unique and common Mother, i.e. the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, our beloved Panaghia, the Patroness of our Annunciation Church. Panagia is “the hope of the hopeless”, “the supporter of the sick”, “the Joy of all who sorrow”. Nothing is impossible for Panagia, because ONLY She has the unique motherly boldness towards Her Son and our God. Therefore, let us ALL, with one soul, heart, and mind, express our most sincere and wholehearted gratitude to Panaghia for nonstop being such as compassionate and wonderful Mother to ALL! It is true that only Panaghia knows how to uniquely understand and soften our pain and bring peace to our wounded souls! Through Her unique and most powerful intercessory prayers to Her Son and God, Panaghia is very close to us, and willingly comforts us in our hardships, trials and tribulations. Therefore, let us ALL express our sincere thankfulness to Panaghia for voluntarily continuing to keep us, even though we are not worthy of it, under Her Holy Protection, and especially during this uncertain time period of the new Coronavirus pandemic.

Your Clergy, Your Parish Council, Your Philoptochos Society, Your Church Office, and ALL the organizations and the committees of our Annunciation Parish, would like to wholeheartedly wish ALL Mothers, Grand-Mothers, Mothers-in-law, God-Mothers, Step-Mothers, and Mothers to Be,


With love in our Risen Lord,

Fr. George Kouzelis,
Parish Priest

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