Sunday Bulletin - December 13, 2020

Please find attached our weekly bulletin for Stewardship Sunday, December 13th. We encourage you to attend Divine Liturgy and the Stewardship Presentation either in person or virtually.  Youth Liturgy will be in the Fellowship Hall starting at 10am. 

Pastries and Spanakopitakia will be sold on the front porch after the Stewardship Presentation.  If you will not be in attendance Sunday, and would like to make a purchase, you may do the following:
For Frozen Spanakopitakia ($10 per pack of 12), please email  
For pastries (See Flyer for prices), please place your order using the google doc by Clicking Here

We also want to share the following information we received from Forsyth Memorial Park this week:

We just had approved a 25% discount through the end of the year for the Greek Orthodox Church ONLY, on all pre-need arrangements, even spaces! Our prices increase after the beginning of each year, so the additional discount offered for this month can save anyone who needs to complete their arrangements or get additional spaces a lot of money. We are also still financing for up to 60 months with 0% interest.     Kelly Heath, Forsyth Memorial Park, 336-924-2865

In Christ's Service,

Your Annunciation Church Office Staff

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