September 2020 Monthly Bulletin with Corrections

Attached is the electronic version of our September Newsletter.  

The following corrections were made to the file AFTER the paper version was mailed:

                Page 4 Calendar Items

                                Tues Sept 16 Start of Online Greek School Classes was corrected to Tues Sept 15

                                Sun Sept 27 6 month Memorial -  Vasiliki (Bessie) Rizos  was added

                Page 5 Sunday Assignments

                                Sept 27 READER was corrected from Susan Washinsky to John Washinsky

Also, for your reference, the following services will be streamed "LIVE"

Thur Sept 3         St. Nectarius the Wonderworker, Bishop of Pentopolis    Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am   

Sun Sept 6          13th Sunday of Matthew                              Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

Tues Sept 8         Nativity of the Theotokos                             Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

Sun Sept 13        Sunday before Holy Cross                             Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

                                Agiasmos for the start of Sunday School & Greek School Year

Mon Sept 14       Elevation of the Holy Cross                          Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

Thur Sept 17       Sts. Sophia, Faith, Hope & Love                  Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

Sun Sept 20         Sunday after Holy Cross                               Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

Wed Sept 23       Conception of St. John the Baptist             Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

Sat Sept 26          St. John the Theologian                               Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am

Sun Sept 27         1st Sunday of Luke                                       Matins/Divine Liturgy 8:45 am


Thank you to all those who have already submitted their updated online registration forms. 

We appreciate your promptness!           


In Christ's Service,


Your Annunciation Church Office             


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